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The Lynden Burial Society has been active since the beginning of the 20th century when a Lynden pastor was not able to afford a burial for his daughter. Community members banded together to "bear one another's burdens," the rallying cry of the ensuing organization that has served hundreds of families ever since. The Lynden Burial Society was formed in 1901 by a group of fellow Christians who thought it proper and best to care for each other by sharing the costs of funeral expenses, caring for each in a very special time of need. 

 Our society is a non-profit organization that allows families deal with funeral costs on a shared basis, thereby alleviating a financial burden during the time of bereavement.  We negotiate with local funeral homes and ours is one of the most cost effective and affordable plans available.  All members share in the cost of the funeral for each of it's members. A very special offering of our society is that we are funded by a charge per household, not per member.  It covers both husband and wife, as well as all children under age 21 living at home. All students away from home up to 21 years of age are also included. 

Our organization offers you and your family the opportunity to participate in the 'bearing of one another's burdens by contributing a small part of the cost of fellow members' funerals - all the while knowing that if and when the same situation arises for you or your family, these same society members will be there to 'bear your burden' and share in  the cost of your funeral. 


"Caring by Sharing"


The Lynden Burial Society is a Non-Profit Organization Devoted to the Sharing of Funeral Expenses