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for the Mutual Society for Help For Funerals

Founded January 29, 1901

Under the Name of "Begrafenis Fonds" (Funeral Society) of Lynden, Washington

*Revised Constitution of the Burial Society

Adopted by the Society March 25, 1957

(The original version of this constitution was adopted in the Holland language on January 27, 1931.  It was later translated on Jan. 13, 1937 and adopted as translated on February 26, 1937)


Article 1

The Society shall have as its aim;

 To be of help to one another in time of bereavement: Gal. 6:2 "Bear ye one another's burdens"

Article 2

This help shall consist of personal and financial support, in order to lighten these burdens

Article 3

(a) The Society shall consist of an indefinite number of families, and single persons, who profess an orthodox Christian faith. (b) Every unmarried child of the family shall share in the membership of the head of the family until he or she is twenty-one years of age, except those in a dependent condition.

Article 4

Every person who takes in a needy person into his family must give notice thereof to the executive committee.  No member shall receive aid or compensation for the needy they may have taken into their family, unless such notice shall have been given.

Article 5

Everyone shall pay a fee upon becoming a member of this Society as set by the Society.  All applications for membership are subject to approval by the Society executive committee.

Article 6

The cost of a complete funeral shall be agreed upon between local funeral home(s) and the executive committee.  Members leaving this vicinity shall not be paid in excess of this amount.

Article 7

The dues assessed members shall be set by the executive committee, so as to cover the cost of current funerals.

Article 8

Each member shall be notified by post card of dues assessed and such dues become delinquent after fifteen days.

Article 9

Every member who neglects to pay his/her dues, after having been notified twice thereof, and not having given the executive committee any reason for such neglect, will not be considered a member of the society after having been notified of this action by the executive committee.

Article 10

Persons of families who move to other communities, shall retain their membership in this society, as long as they abide by the rules and regulations, and have given their new address to the executive committee.

Article 11

The executive committee shall consist of the follow officers: president, vice president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer and assistant treasurer.

Article 12

The president shall preside at the general meeting of the society and in his absence, the vice president.  The secretary shall keep the minutes of the society and also the board, the treasurer shall have charge of the finances of the society and shall keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed: and he must be ready at all times to lay his books and records before the executive committee for inspection.

Article 13

Each death must be reported to either the president or the treasurer by the family of the deceased, so that the desired help and financial support may be given as soon as possible.

Article 14

All meetings shall be opened and closed with prayer.

Article 15

The executive committee shall meet as often as its members shall deem it necessary.

Article 16

Each member shall have the right to make remarks or complaints concerning the society.  These must be sent to the executive committee and they must then be considered at the next executive meeting.

Article 17

There shall be one general meeting of the society per year.  The state of affairs of the society shall then be laid before its members.  Officers for the executive committee shall also be elected at this annual meeting.

Article 18

Two board members are to be elected annually.  The term of office shall be three years with no member serving more than two consecutive terms.  All voting in respect to persons and financial matters shall be done by ballot.  Other matters may be decided by acclamation.

Article 19

An annual meeting of the society must be held. The executive committee shall fix the day and hour of this meeting and notify the members thereof.

Article 20

All members are bound to attend these meetings.  Members must send notice to this meeting if they cannot possibly attend.

Article 21

Members present at the general meetings may conduct the business of the society, if it appears the the absent members are not present because of lack of interest.

Article 22

These rules and regulations may be changes by a majority vote of three-fourths of the members present at the annual meeting.

Article 23

Monies on hand, when and if, this society should ever dissolve, shall be given to local Christian Schools or sent to some Christian institution of mercy.

Article 24

In all cases not provided by this constitution, the executive committee shall have the right to make the necessary changes.

Article 25

Articles 1, 2 and 3a may not be changed, except by a three-fourths majority vote of all the members of the society.






"Caring by Sharing"


The Lynden Burial Society is a Non-Profit Organization Devoted to the Sharing of Funeral Expenses