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To join the Lynden Burial Society, you will need to need to completely fill out the enrollment/membership  form and submit submit it to the treasurer along with payment of the enrollment fee.  You (and your spouse) must enroll and each pay a one-time enrollment fee that is based  and pro-rated on your age(s). There is no enrollment fee for those 25 years of age and younger. (see enrollment chart below for the pro-rated costs for each age 26 and over. 

Once your completed form has been received and approved by the Board, you are officially a member and are granted all benefits, privileges and responsibilities thereof.   From this point on, you will receive periodic mailings informing you of the most recent seven (7) members to have passed away and you agree to pay this small remittance to share in their funeral costs.   It is vital that you pay this periodic amount in a timely manner - within 30 days. Memberships 60 days past due  with their card payments will be considered delinquent.

Click here to download and print out the Enrollment/Membership form

This membership form requires Adobe Reader to view. Adobe Reader is free and available for download  here if needed.

Please mail your completed form to:

Lynden Burial Society

515 Front St.

Lynden WA  98264


A Non-Profit Organization Devoted to the Sharing of Funeral Expenses